Sharing back events

Community Sharing Events

‘Voices in the Trees: wishing trees from around the world’,
Bristol Festival of Nature, 2022

A number of VIP CLEAR exhibition panels have been created to enable the sharing back of children’s voices into their local communities. The panels summarised key findings from the mapping and tree of hope and ambition activities and provided an opportunity for people to feed back about their hopes for the future.

VIP Clear display, Eastville Park, Bristol

Five panels were produced:

  • Introduction to the project and timeline
  • Children’s quotations and findings from the mapping activity
  • Overview of children’s hopes and ambitions artwork
  • Tree with QR code so that the community can feedback about their hopes and ambitions
  • Voices in the Trees: wishing trees from around the world
A display at Cadbury Heath Library, Bristol

The panels were given to all participating schools for them to display on site, and exhibited in the following spaces:

  1. Cadbury Heath Library, Bristol BS30 BEN
  2. Eastville Park Community Café, Bristol BS5
  3. Bristol Beacon, BS1 5AR (as part of Bristol Festival of Nature 2022)
  4. UWE Climate Hub, Frenchay Campus, BS16 1QY

Above is a gallery of the final graphics for the five panels – feel free to right click for a closer look.