Who are we co-working with?

The VIP-CLEAR project is co-working with key stakeholders nationally and in Bristol (e.g. Action for Children, Bristol City Council and representatives of our partner schools) to understand the regional context to the pandemic, and to make sure the research results scale up in impact from the child to the national level.

Kirsten Parton, Assistant Vice Principal & Senior Mental Health Lead | May Park Primary School

Inger O’Callaghan, Head Teacher | Glenfrome Primary School

Fran Mills, Learning Mentor | Filton Avenue Primary School

Gary Risdale, Head of School | Parkwall Primary School

Natacha Yuen, Headteacher | Hartcliffe Nursery School & Children’s Centre

Jet Davis, Headteacher | Speedwell Nursery School & Children’s Centre

Imran Hussein, Director of Policy and Campaigns | Action for Children

Allie Dillon, City Archivist | Bristol Archives